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Digital transformation in Finance Excellence

It takes meticulous work and detailed knowledge of routines and processes to successfully implement new digital tools in a financial organization or department. With NNIT by your side, we uncover all the advantages of SAP financial solutions without any risk of compromising your data.

Having access to trustworthy data is of fundamental importance to any financial organization. Consequently, it can be challenging to change routines, habits and processes when introducing new digital tools. Naturally, uncertainty as to whether the numbers have gone through the right processes, and whether the results are in fact correct and reliable, can arise at first. However, using digital tools eliminates a major portion of the risk associated with human errors in data processing and provides consistent results. And the benefits can give you a significant competitive edge. In NNIT we have a proven track record and the deep market experience to provide you the best advisory and implementation services based on a best in breed and fit to standard approach.

Use data in real time with SAP financial solutions

With older, manual processes slack is often an issue that is impossible to get around. However, with the data availability afforded by modern digital platforms, such as S/4HANA, you can now improve your efficiency across the board . You can do your reporting in real time using current data, and apply that data proactively to your decision-making processes.

If, for example, an expense starts to diverge from the forecast, you will quickly be made aware of this due to the availability of real-time data and reports. Timely decisions and changes can be implemented instantly to right the situation.

Letting go of manual processes and digitizing time-consuming tasks, such as balancing accounts and transactions, will save time and remove bottlenecks altogether. For your audit trails, data is available to the auditor throughout the data processing, making audits faster, more accurate, and fully compliant.

At NNIT, our experts have hands-on experience with SAP financial solutions. We can help you automate and optimize data-heavy processes to enable your digital transformation in finance.

Finding the right SAP solution for your organization

Our ambition is to help you enable digital transformation and technology-driven compliance by ascertaining and implementing the best-in-breed SAP financial solutions for your business.

We are a full-stack service provider when it comes to SAP applications. With our background in the pharma industry, we are well versed in highly regulated environments where accuracy and precision is critical.

Our finance experts have specialist knowledge of the workings of SAP financial solutions with a mindset of bridging IT and Business. They all possess a fine-tuned ability to pair IT and SAP solutions for financial businesses using only best-practice methods and rigorously tested solutions.


Hans Mathiesen

Line Manager, SAP Solutions